Multiple Families Networking Group: Co-Mentoring Is Best!


Consider your five best friends, not family.  With 5 being highest, rank how much Energy is contributed or pirated by each.  Your Energy cannot exceed the combined Energy of your network by plus or minus one!  Are you ready to change a flat tire who is making your ride bumpy?

'What have You learned from the rain?' - Norah Jones, Singer-Songwriter


Passionate Personal Energy is a product of networking with other positive people who are bound together by the belief that greater Energy is available from The Grid.  Who is in your Network?

Why Co-Mentors?


If you want to better with any challenge, surround yourself with whom you can learn something new everyday through Co-Mentoring.  Everyone has differents Gifts!  Surround your Self with High Energy People, not high energy drinks!

The Grid


We are hard-wired to excel best when networked with other Sources of positive Energy.  Positive results are not about what's in your wallet!